Right time to buy and mutual fund.

                       Right time to  buy  mutual fund units
Generally its common query investor or future investors discuss among them.  when should buy mutual fund units or at which NAV( net assets value).
 NAV : it determine the cost of mutual fund per units . if one invest 500 in SIP and got 13 to 14 units then just figure out…
     500 divided by 13 =   you have allotted  38.46 units .   for better understanding just go through below image. 

     if you don’t know about SIP , pls visite  below link
simply there is no any better time to invest in mutual fund ,  no matter whether 
market is trading at RED signal or GREEN signal. 
As a matter of fact people avail or enrol in mutual fund for long period, if they have fews 
future plan, if one making plan to invest in mutual fund for long term , would be able to 
rewarded minimum 18 to 20 percent at any worse conditions. 

                              WHAT ABOUT IF MARKET AT RED SIGNAL
if market trading at red signal its symbol of golden opportunity to buy top rated share and 
mutual fund at lowest prices. during this time best option to buy heavy rated mutual fund units
at cheap rate and buy in bulk quantity at same price.
its just like sale of top brand at lowest prices……
for example…
  • US POLO : buy one get two free. 
  • LEVIS  : buy three get one free
  • NIKE :  buy one shoe get food voucher worth 5000 INR free .                                             

       NOTE : for buy mutual fund units always it has right time . just take one steps 
                    and go ahead . you have to start new world of investing  and just keep in 
                 touch financial news channels .


yes , of course mutual fund gives us hand some reward at their predetermine period 
  and its works just figure out below image 

for this we should invest in mutual fund at initial stages , where we have lack of 
financial knowledge and having no time to observe market strategy .

 CONCLUSION ::  right time to buy mutual fund is start now, so wake up and start investing from  todays. if you want rich at old
age so you ought to be investing as now.
i have started to investing now its your turn…

                             happy and healthy investing
                                               thnxxxx you

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