‘What are the common mistakes made by a beginner investor in stock market’.

Stock market is that platform where you got the taste of zest of capital gain then by and by you being trapped in . here mistakes are common in terms of learn the momentum of market and learn how to make monies out of investing . ” if you did not make mistakes means you never try do something unique ” so mistakes is the pillar of every field of life as well as in stock market also if vision is to be veteran investors.

it is not quite necessary mistakes being hit by beginners sometimes experience investor also do same mistakes as beginners do, so to rid off the common mistakes we need to adopt following steps .

  • Should require R&D and details analysis before picking up any shares of any sectors.
  • go for details analysis for past performance of desirous shares .
  • do not used to pick shares upon the recommend of others prior details fundamental research.
  • keep mine distance of market rumours or fake news relating to share prices.

  • once you picked up share must be hold for long time , even if they falling dawn but be alert and have patience .

Mistakes which made by beginners

  • without proper knowledge enter into the market
  • without proper knowledge purchase shares in bulk .
  • they are excited to make monies in a single day.
  • instead of deep analysis before investing they asked someone for the future performance of shares.
  • to purchase shares on the basic of single day performance .
  • during purchase of shares they used to help of social media, like whatsapp group, facebook group, upon the recommendation of youtuber , anchor of business news channel.
  • avoid rumourious of market trend , and kickoff self understanding about market .
  • they sell their shares immediately as soon as hike by 10 to 15 percent ( for delivery) from their face value.
  • to purchase high undervalue shares in bulk for the purpose of it may be hike by 100 to 200 percent.
  • do not being connected with internet or stock market news related apps like (money control) m not promoting such apps.
  • in last i would recommend you keep investing even if you are lossing your all monies but never give up , keep trying to make monies, one day will success as a stock market investor.

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