What is the future of Mutual fund in india ??

Hello Readers, Welcome to you at Hunger trade 1956 Platform,   Here i will discuss about the future of Mutual fund in india by virtue of My Investing exprience and Personal View. Before discussing the future of mutual fund will discuss first about the coming future of indian stock market like ( BSE & NSE).

Little bit information how mutual fund depends upon (SENSEX & NIFTY) :: 
As a matter of facts mutual funds depend upon stock exchange where shares of any company listed and actively traded, volatility of mutual fund related to respective sensex and nifty. when there will be volatility in sensex and nifty mutual fund automatically goes dawn. this is happens because of AMC ( assets management company who look after and manage mutual fund also invest in stock market in various sectors and diversified them for maximize the profits, therefore when market is bullish(market are expected to rise). so future of mutual funds or other equity and debts fund and stock market depend on each other, if market is bullish then all funds as well as mutual fund will be rise if bearish yet all related funds , will be decline .. see this image for better understanding


Reasons why future of indian stock market is bright in coming years ::    

Political Reasons : Political reasons play vital roll to grow any economy as well as stock market the volatility of market depend upon the strategy of Government and its proper implementation of rule and regulations . when UPA (Alliance) Congress came in to power in 2004 Stock market has been crashed by 16 percent , as soon as they declared as next government of india by concern authority . this happened because stock market could not accept the reality or fact, UPA never made  effective rules and regulations for the welfare of corporate houses so it made a subject of uproar , just see this below image you can understand easily what would be conditions that time , huge number of investors lost their whole life incomes. see below

Now its was the year of 2014 when MODI government came into power Dalal street reach its higher level 30000 point , whole country including corporate and investment sector had been enjoying their victory in various ways. here i am just telling you why dalal street goes to bearish when UPA government came and become bullish in MODI period. reason is clear shot modi government always focus towards corporate sector, msme , financial institutions , they arrange funds and launches various schemes which directly impact to stock market and other financial institutions including corporate sectors. so i have accept one matter if modi will remain active our stock market could  touch the mile stone of  50000 limit    


Its common said that world depend on possibility as well as dalaal street , stock narket and its tools , stock market also works on possibility but not on speculations. If we talk about Modi 2.0 terms, modi government came in to power once again in 25 May 2019   with lots of pending bills and Planning , as we observe that as soon as modi declared as again next ruler of india , Sensex crossed their high limit and touch 40200 point and Nifty also did same and crossed the limit 12100 that was the awesome for all investors. that time all stocks were trading at their high point. it may be reason to believe in modi government some thing may be happen positive for investor. its assuming that till the year of 2024 our indian stock market will be the highest valuable stock exchange and may cross the limit of 60000 Points one thing is that our small investors( small investor means who investing or invested below INR 20000 ) are being hunger to know about stock market and mutual funds and other equity and debts segments.  
as i mentioned above above till the year of 2024 , may be if sensex and nifty crosses their limit like 60000 and 20000 respectively . then New future of Mutual fund and Stock market tools would be kick off. all investor who already have invested in various sectors will be wealthy via captial gain ( if any one got income from investment called capital gain ) . 
* Now i coming on my Post topic ” What is the future of Mutual fund in india ??
after reading my full articles now you are got familiar with my topic so once again m telling you just follow my instruction and invest in stocks market the future of same going to be golden , so do not fell regret and be hunger and crazy after Bearish Market and  Bullish market. stay connect and wait your some  investment going to be hike by almost 2000% wait and watch .
Thnxx for Reading( Happy investing)
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